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We offer contact-free pickup
right to your car

How curbside pickup works

1. New order

Give us a call when you are on your way and we will ask for your information

(name, phone number, vehicle information).

2. Park and drop off

Park by the store and call us again when you arrive. We will come to you directly and collect your items from your vehicle.

3. Pay and pick up

Afterwards we will create a ticket and contact your for the pickup day & time and payment for the curbside order.

In a rush? Use our drop box

If you are stopping by before or after our business hours,
take advantage of our drop box placed next to our store entrance.
Make sure you ask us for one of our free, custom garment bags first before making quick drops. Afterwards, here is what to do:

1. On the name tag attached to the bag, please fill out your full            name and a phone number so that we can create or look up          your account.

2. Place your garments inside the bag and simply drop it into our      drob box outside next to the door entrance.

3. We will pickup the dropped bag with the items inside and              contact you about the order details. It can't be easier!

Your health is our priority

On top of the efficiency, we offer curbside and dropbox service because we value our customers’ health. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we took pre-cautious measures to ensure that.


Our employees always sanitize their hands before and after each transaction and each pickup & delivery.

Masks (optional)

We make sure to equip ourselves with masks not only for us but also for the safety of our customers, never taking any risks in our business practices.


Every health-related precaution we take is to ensure everyone we do business with is respected and protected from the spread of any potential illness.

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