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Locker installation

What are Pony Fabricare lockers?

Pony Fabricare provides access to smart lockers that are convenient, local, and safe to use so that our specialty dry cleaning service can be easily accessible to anyone in any location. We are always looking forward to expanding our business, partnering with other locations such as hotels, apartments, and office buildings so that more people can have a great experience from us at Pony Fabricare.

Benefits for tenants & residents

Building tenants choose to use our service specifically not just because of the convenience of the lockers’ location, but also because our luxury lockers are designed for efficiency and comfortability to maintain a high satisfactory level as an amenity service. Key points are:

  • Efficiency

  • Quality care

  • Security

  • User-friendly

Brings you business

Pony Fabricare lockers will also help properties to improve their occupancy rate because of how excellent and secure our lockers are all pickups and deliveries. Below are results from Bolden at Boro after installing lockers in their building:


increase in application


of resident usage

image 15.png
image 17.png

Customization & design

From custom designs, shipping, electrical setups, maintenance, and other areas, we will be responsible for the complete installation of our lockers to better serve tenants for their dry cleaning needs. Our current lockers are at these locations:

Bolden at the Boro: 1660 Silver Hill Dr, Tysons, VA  Coming soon
RISE at the Boro: 8305 Greensboro Dr, Tysons, VA  Coming soon
KPMG Lobby: 8350 Broad St #900, McLean, VA

Get started!

Interested in having lockers installed? Email us for partnership details at or visit our contacts page.

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